street photographey is fine art occuring in public. Artworks made by visual art and sociology lovers. It aims to bring joy and beauty for people by showing other people

This is Farzad Hosseini Abdollahi enthusiast for storytelling by taking photos in public locations in modern cities of the world. In 2014 as a rookie street photography lover started moving toward the path. Therefore I started taking part in classes and passed various courses from the camera's technical features to contemporary photography studies. Then going through the history of photography, aesthetic of colors, composition, framing, the theory of critical thinking and more. In case of my personal interests and goals, additional studies on psychology and sociology discourses helped me a lot. Articles which relate to man and cities, modernism and post-modernism. Moving more deeply into the history of documentary photography, street photography and its evolution over decades. All prepared me to pursue my personal photography projects. Preparing street photos as wall art and decoration, to introduce this genre of photography more practical and well-seen is what I am aiming for.

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Art of street photography - Farzad Hosseini Abdollahi