Thanks for stopping by! Farzad Frames is all about telling the stories of people we pass by in the streets every day!

Hi! My name is Farzad, owner of Farzad Frames, a Toronto-based street photographer. I started pursuing my passion in 2014 by both taking photographs and participating in different classes, and taking related courses. Courses from the camera's technical features to contemporary photography studies. My studies included, but were not limited to, the history of photography, aesthetics of colours, composition, framing, and critical thinking theory. What I learned in academic environments combined with my personal interest in the basics of psychology, sociology, modernism, and post-modernism discourses resulted in more comprehensive photos that I felt more confident to share with the audience.

Gradually, I decided to get more deep into the definitions and philosophy of documentary photography and street photography and their evolution over the recent decades. Here on this website, I share what I have experimented with and learnt through blogs, photo galleries and fine art prints.

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Farzad Frames Art and photography - Farzad Hosseini Abdollahi