Street Photography is fine art which is developed in public settings. It's a kind of visual art with social elements adored by fans of sociology and aims to bring everyone the joy and beauty of viewing the image of other people in their daily life.

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What draw artists and people to be a street photographer or street photos lover

Street photography is one of the toughest photography genres. It takes time, hard training and creativity. You have to turn people's daily life into extraordinary scenes. In other words, it is a challenge of applying aesthetics into daily life and collecting elements of a scene in a well-composed format. All together makes street photography a unique fine-art part of photography. Considering all part of a photo while shooting on streets and framing at the end. The juxtaposition of many factors will lead to getting historical and memorial pictures. Photographers in this genre usually pursue their personal projects or just do it due to its challenges. Some others like me try to spread the aesthetics of this genre over public and personal spaces. This is going to happen through turning streets, cities and people in public to artworks as wall art and decor.


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