Photography Basics and Cellphone Cameras

Photography Basics and Cellphone Cameras

Photography Basics and Things You Should Know About Cellphone Cameras

Photography Basics and Cellphone Cameras

What is the purpose of the invention of photography?

Imitating the human eye and recording what it sees.

* With the advancements made, photography went beyond the human eye, except for aspects like dynamic range and colour processing.

What genres of photography do you know?

News, family albums, documentaries, advertisements, e-commerce, and fine art.

What is the difference between photo and video in the audience’s eyes?

In photos, the eyes of the audience move over the image, but in videos, the images move in front of the audience’s eyes which are almost fixed.

* Photo series and photo sequence create an intermediate state.

What do our eyes experience when we watch a movie for the second time and why?

The second time, we tend to move our eyes within the images and see peripheral aspects and details. (The same we do with photos)

With what approach are the cellphone cameras designed?

User convenience, and this brings its advantages and disadvantages.

* The phone camera is conservative about colour and light.

What are the main limitations of a cellphone camera?

The short focal length is 14 to 24 mm, compared to the human eye which is 50. Also, the smallness of the lens and sensor subsequently results in poor camera performance in low light.

Why the manufacturers don’t use a lens with higher focal lengths like 50 in phones?

The problem is the limitation of the phone’s thickness and the rules of light and lenses.

What is the solution to deal with these limitations?

Ignore the pixels around the frame. Get close to your subjects.

Avoid taking pictures in dark situations. Using advanced applications for manual photography.

What does megapixel mean in cameras and what is its effect?

The multiplication of the horizontal and vertical pixels on the sensor. (Be suspicious of very high numbers advertised by phone companies, such as 48-megapixel cellphone cameras)

It affects displaying and printing size. Mega = Million

What is the role of artificial intelligence in cellphone cameras?

Automatic face detection, adding artificial depth of field, and light and colour adjustment based on the subject type.


Photography Basics and Cellphone Cameras Question and Answers by Farzad Abdollahi

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