In Person Photography Classes & Lessons

Farzad Photography Class Lessons

Private Photography Classes in Toronto

Tutoring In-person & One on One

Photography Classes in Toronto

Want to be a great hobbyist or professional photographer?

Do you live in Toronto (GTA)?

Photography Tutor Toronto

If yes:

All ages are most welcome.

As a photography and teaching lover, I am all set to help you improve your photo-making skills through my experience and studies.

I graduated from Seneca College in Photography and Professionally have taken Photos for more than 6 years.

Photography Lesson Toronto

I will provide you with the following lessons:

-The basic structure of cameras and Lenses

-The main elements of taking photos.

-Photography and aesthetic rules and techniques

-Tips and tricks needed for your favourite genre

-Post Production and image enhancement skills

-Weekly assignments to keep you on the right track

In Person Photography Lessons in Toronto

Every photography class and the lessons in Toronto will be held in person at your place, mine, or a public place of your choice.

The first session will be free and an introduction to what we will cover and the method we will employ.

If interested, please text me at +1 647 975-9975 or send me your email/ phone number to receive complementary information.

Telegram link:

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