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Photo Sequnce

Photo Sequence – Fine Art Photography


When we put photographs in a sorted and organized order to tell a story, We get photo sequences.

Photo sequences are short, sweet, and right-to-the-point narrations compared to other types of photo series. They usually include an introductory or opening photo, the body of work, and an ending. Therefore, they are similar to movies, particularly short movies. In contrast to photo books and official photo series, photo sequences meet a wide range of audiences’ tastes because of simplicity. They usually contain daily-life elements and subjects or relationships and try not to be complicated to the viewers. Regarding photography genres, the sequences are closer to street photography and fine art photography than others. In other words, photo sequences are a series of subject matter images ordered precisely by the photographer and are not necessarily conveying real stories.

In the example above, I have brought one of my photo sequences to be more clear with the definition and what we have discussed so far. There was a bus which I got on and sat in a seat in the back rows. Eventually found out, a woman sitting in front of me is so nervous and curious about something happening in the neighbourhood. I started capturing her reactions and even changed my seat (vantage point) without her noticing. Finally, she got off the bus, and I continued taking more shots of her.  Making a photo sequence hardly results in success. At some points, it is equal to taking several flawless street photographs in a row, which is a tough goal to achieve. Throughout the history of photography, a few big names have been working on photo sequences. Here are sample works of one of the pioneers and most inspiring photographers of sequence series:

Duane Michals –

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